A guide to choosing your new mattress

A Guide to choosing the correct Mattress


Finding the correct mattress can sometimes be difficult, we can help explain the different types of mattress and some of the pros and cons associated with choosing a mattress.

There are four main types of Mattress. Open coil, Memory foam, pocket sprung  and pillowtop mattresses.

Open coil Mattresses have a basic bonnell spring  and are generally the cheapest. They are covered in layers of fillings and foam. The spring unit in this type of mattress will move as one, so you are more likely to be disturbed from your sleep if your partner moves. This type of mattress tends to not last as long as a pocket sprung mattress.  View our full range of open coil mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses have been very popular in recent years due to the fact that they are a relatively new concept. Memory foam mattresses were first used by astronauts in space. Memory foam moulds to the shape of your body.  This ensures all the pressure points are supported properly. A recent survey has reported that memory foam is less popular now than 3 years ago , due to the fact that it can heat up very quickly, especially in summer months. View our quality range of memory foam mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses have each of the springs individually divided into separate pockets. Unlike an open coil mattress, it is unlikely to be disturbed if your partner moves in their sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses are excellent for support and can greatly help those with Insomnia or back pain.  This type of mattress tends not to be as warm as memory foam and could be well worth consideration when choosing your mattress.

Pillowtop mattresses are a relatively new concept from manufacturers. Hence the name, pillowtop mattresses have a pillowtop sewn to the main body of the mattress. This type of mattress can be a combination of open coil with memory foam or pocket sprung and memory foam. These are ideal as they have excellent support with the pocket sprung system and a pillowtop layer of reflex foam added to the pillowtop. Latex foam is an alternative to memory foam and doesn’t heat up like memory foam, but still keeps its shape.  The President mattress is just one from our full range of pillowtop mattresses.

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